About Prymatica​

We are a massive action automations company that builds custom-tailored sales, marketing and service solutions. Our main focus is on fast delivery, fantastic results and open communication.

Our automation solutions will give you both an edge on the competition, and free you from relying on Facebook, Google, and the other tech giants to generate the results your business requires.

Meet the Team

Robby Frank

Robby has a massive passion for growth, leverage and marketing. He spends his time coaching clients, building systems and improving himself. He loves cars, travel, and spending time with his lovely wife and young daughter.

Nadav Boaz.

As former distinguished armored corps commanding officer, Nadav has built a reputation over the years for pure strategic genius. His ability to create optimal solutions for any situation, both business and interpersonal, is unparalleled.

on Autopilot

Imagine if you could take the better part of your business and make it automatic. We handle everything from marketing to sales and even client servicing.

Book a 30-minute deep-dive consultation with us to figure out exactly which parts of your business we can leverage to massively grow your business.

Get Started

It's quite simple - your business is a machine. Without making it more efficient and working overtime, things aren't going to improve on their own.

Let's talk and see where you can improve your processes. We'll build you a custom-tailored strategy and from there, getting started is easy!