Stop wasting money on unproductive employees

This A-Z training course will teach you how to systemize your company's hiring process - hire remote staff for ANY position at better rates and faster speed.

Prymatica's Remote Hiring System

We've used this exact hiring system to:

These are the big takeaways you will learn from the training.

1. Introduction to Human Automation

The largest expense of a company is its employees. With human automation, you save money every month because you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for “salaries and benefits” but just as efficiently as an automation softwares in the market.


2. Creating a Job Description

Steal the exact template we used when we hired another Remote Staff to become part of our team. This allows you to clarify who you want to hire, what the position is, what goals they are supposed to achieve and how to measure success.


3. Structuring your Hiring Funnel

Learn how to create a very detailed job post that is congruent to what you’re looking for in a Remote Staff. Learn how to create a Candidate Questionnaire. The secret to our massive success with Remote Staff hiring is the Trial-Task (a free Bonus included in this training!)


4. Writing a Recruiting Post

Writing a recruiting post seems so easy but the danger is attracting low-end candidates who will waste your time and effort. This training teaches you exactly how to structure the post, what to mention and what to avoid talking about. Bonus Feature: our go-to websites list!


5. Pushing Hires into the Funnel

It’s important to push candidates to your funnel to steer them towards your company and not just stay on those websites. Learn exactly to do this using our complete system, from google form to funnel. We’ll show you how to do this at scale regardless of how many candidates applied to the job.


6. The Recruiting Call

The purpose of the recruiting call is to find out whether candidates are a good fit for the job or not by observing the way they answer. Learn how to spot both good and bad signs based on the way a candidate answers. Bonus Material: How to set up a trial period, how much we pay for our Remote Staff and our 3 payment models.


7. Effective Team Communications

Effective communication is the key to a successful remote work model. Learn how to communicate effectively with your team and why having local employees can ruin the communication and break the team focus. Bonus: Discover the 2 most effective tools we use for team communication and task organization..

4 Easy Steps to a Hiring System


Create a job description

Determine who you want to hire, what goals they need to achieve, how to measure it,  then put this down in writing.



Post job on freelancing sites

Post a short yet detailed description on who and what you are looking for on our 2 favorite go-to sites.



Push them to

Push them to funnel

Candidates apply and fill up the form then get pushed into the hiring funnel to filter only highly-qualified candidates.



Interview highly qualified candidate

Talk to them over the phone for a final interview and find out if they’re a good fit for the company or not


Stop wasting money on unproductive employees - company's largest expense!

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Effective Job Post Templates

Gain access to all templates we used to attract only high-quality candidates for the job.


Candidate Reply Templates

Gain access to all templates we use to filter candidates who express interest in the job.


Qualified Interview Spreadshet

Gain access to the scorecards we use to determine a candidate is a good fit or not on an interview.


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