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Why does Amazon owe money to you?

Why does Amazon owe money to you?

With millions of products, mind boggling numbers of transactions, FBA returns, breakages and several other challenges, Amazon is in fact doing very well in keeping the mistakes to the minimum. But even with these relatively small numbers of errors, the dollar value of the amount in question can grow to be huge over a period of months for a decent size seller.

Considering the complexity of the entire FBA process, there are many situations where the discrepancies can creep in and cause for the seller to be short changed. For example Amazon reimbursements to the seller would be due in case of:

Lost & Misplaced Inventory

Units lost in the Amazon warehouse.

Returns & Refunds

Amazon refunds the money but inventory has not reached back to the warehouse.

Damaged Inventory

Units damaged within an Amazon FC after the due inward process is completed.

Inbound Shipments Missing Inventories

Inventories missing from shipment upon arrival at Amazon FC or lost in-transit by Amazon’s logistics service.

Overcharged or Incorrect
FBA Fees

Charged wrongly for the products in Warehouse because of incorrect dimensions

Incorrect Refund

A customers received a larger refund than what they paid originally and the seller is being charged for it.

Why trust us with your Amazon refunds?

We get your refunds from Amazon with this 3 easy steps:

To ensure quality service, we only work for FBA Sellers that are

US-based Amazon

Have more than 200 products in their inventory

Amazon FBA Seller
for 2-3 years

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