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Market’s best lead scraping service to find your next potential B2B client across many industries and locations

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Your business deserves more than just paid ads

Let’s admit, getting B2B leads now is getting harder and difficult. Conversions from paid ads are getting lower that results in more ad costs. Your business needs to spend more to get the same amount of leads or even lesser.

Now, your question is…

Is there anything better?

Introducing market’s
best - Prymatica Lead Service

The Fastest and Easiest way to get B2B clients for your business across many industries and locations delivered straight to your inbox without:

Running paid ads​

Creating complex funnels​

Long-form webinars

You pay for real leads, not clicks

With Prymatica Lead Service, provide what’s best for your business

Exclusive and verified leads

All the leads we provide have gone through a complete verification process using our system to make sure they are valid and you own them forever

Complete Lead details

All the leads have their complete contact details especially phone for cold calling and email address for cold emailing. You will be in contact with the decision-maker of the company

Industry-specific Leads

We provide industry-specific leads according to your choice. You can have as many industry-specific leads as you want if your company cater wide-array of businesses in the market

Choose any of your desired locations

You can have as many leads as you want on any targeted locations. City-based, Region-based, or Country-based type of leads

We give you your next potential clients in these 3 easy steps

We find your ideal B2B prospects

We find your ideal B2B prospects - Our lead scraping system enables us to find your ideal B2B prospects from online directories and professional networking sites and we filter them according to industry and location

We get their contact information

Our lead scraping system finds corporate email-IDs of all your ideal B2B prospects and helps you grow your email list in no time. It automatically verifies email addresses to come up with a spam-safe index

We send you your next potential clients

All the contact information that our lead scraping gathered from your ideal B2B prospects will be delivered straight to your inbox. Start your outreach campaign and acquire more clients

What our clients say about us

Save thousands of dollars from your paid advertising while getting more potential clients

Better Results from Day 1

Our clients start getting leads literally from day 1 across the board consistently. Our system deals with volume, and volume = results

No hidden costs, fees or upsells

You only pay for real and verified B2B leads. The more leads you get, the more potential clients you’ll acquire for your business. No hidden costs. No bad surprises. Just straight talk for success.

Done-For-You Service

It's simple, our lead scraping system figures everything out for you. We deliver your fresh and exclusive B2B leads straight to your inbox

Free from Social Oligarchs

You don't need approval from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg for your campaign with us. This is true freedom from social media restraints, unlike almost every business in the world

Our Commitment

For every mistake you found on the B2B leads we sent, you will get 2 credits or 4 equivalent leads. This is to ensure that you are getting the most out of what you pay for all the B2B leads

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