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For a limited-time, Prymatica is offering an exclusive done-for-you service to help you dominate your space and produce one million new leads in your CRM

Our 5-Step Process

Step 1 - Apply

Secure a deposit of $1,750 to guarantee a qualification call with Prymatica.

Step 2 - Review

We will spend as much time as needed (usually between 60-120 min) to determine if your business is a perfect fit for our service.

Step 3 - Register

Once we decided it's a perfect fit - our agents will take you through a full registration process.

We have 2 payment options:
$120,000 X 3 payments
$324,000 (10% discount)

Step 4 - Onboard

Our team will go with you over all the required materials, goals, setup the integrations, and work closely to maximize our results.

Our Service

With the rise of automations and AI, the marketing landscape is going through massive shifts and new opportunities are emerging on a weekly basis.

Prymatica captures those opportunities and provides the world's first and only done-for-you service, with a guarantee to grow your reach by a 1,000,000 qualified, targeted prospects.

Whether you're an established SaaS company, a funded startup, or even a political candidate - our service will allow you to take a dominant market position and get your message to hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis.

Pricing Options

Option 1 - Bundle​

1 x $324,000

10% discount

Option 2 - Payments​

3 x $120,000

Application Review​

All PryMillion clients must go through an application process to be approved into the program. Application costs start at $1,750 and are deducted from the price of the packages if approved.

Our Commitment

Prymatica offers an iron-clad guarantee to all PryMillion clients. An increase of 1,000,000 users in your CRM within 3-6 months.

Client Reviews

Peter Kozodoy

Chief Strategic Officer - GEM
Inc, 1000 company.

We grew a multi-million dollar company not having any idea where the next piece of business would come from until we decided to build a dedicated sales outreach program. Multiple vendors failed to deliver results until we met Robby at Prymatica. Since using their service our pipeline has exploded - we've literally never gotten this much consistent interest from qualified leads. Don't hesitate to pull the trigger on Prymatica!

Carradean Farley

CEO - Periscope Media
Multi-million SEO firm.

We tried Facebook Ads and Google Ads and these search networks get maxed out quickly. Then we came across with Prymactica. They showed us their system and we're immediately blown away. We're getting 5-10 leads every single day. Not only they are generating leads with us, but also consulting with us making sure we can streamline our systems so that we spend more time with our families. Don't hesitate and sign up with these guys.

The MIND-BLOWING tech behind Prymatica


Our scraping system - which helps us find thousands of targeted prospects daily. This proprietary system enables us to find any business across any industry in any location in the world, with extremely high accuracy.


Our outreach system which generates an unlimited number of new engagements daily. This proprietary system enables us to create personalized marketing opportunities at any scale, while maintaining every standard required.

What happens when you combine the ultimate scraping system with the perfect outreach solution?

The answer?


One of the world's fastest-growing automation companies.

Prymatica built it's footprint into a 7-figure company without any reliance on investors or funding.

It's main growth tools?
PryMail and PryScrape.

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Get known,
jumpstart growth,
become a unicorn.


Reinforce control,
increase reach,
cement power.


Gain users,
multiply MRR,
be the standard.


Grow followers,
sell knowledge,
gain influence.

Political Runners

Get known,
change minds,
win votes.

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