These are popular questions we receive:

Q: What are your targeting abilities?
A: We can reach an extremely wide range of industries and accurately target niches and locations with very high precision.

Q: What happens if I need specific feature that’s not included in your system?
A: We work hand-in-hand with our clients and help customize the system to their needs. If there are specific requirements for your company which our system does not currently provide, we’ll add them and strive to do so without any additional cost.

Q: What is the cost of your service?
A: Our basic package starts at $2,000 per month + a one-time setup fee of $250. This package results in 5-15 leads per day on average. If your company has a need for more opportunities, we can provide as many leads as you need. With higher packages, our performance and your results per dollar become better.

Q: Aren’t you breaking spam laws with your emails?
A: Our emails are custom-tailored by a team of copywriters to avoid solicitation issues on multiple levels, namely, legally, ethically and emotionally.
Legally speaking, we make sure to send no more than one email to each prospect; and in cases where a prospect is messaged multiple times, we make sure to add an “opt-out” option.
Ethically speaking, we strive to make our emails as personal as possible and focus on providing value. We don’t put links in our emails, don’t talk about pricing, and don’t try to solicit. The purpose of the emails is to get a response from interested prospects by offering value and peaking their interest.
Emotionally speaking, our emails are highly engaging and rarely get flagged as spam. Each email is 100% unique and feels like a personal inquiry from an expert who seeks to help. This is a huge differentiation and relief for our prospects, who enjoy the fresh breath of air when it comes to our outreach.

Q: How can I make sure I’m not risking my company’s domain?
A: All of our emails are sent through many domain-variations we create for your business that act as proxy-domains for the emails. This makes sure that there is 0% chance your domain will get listed as spam for any reason.
Additionally, we provide our customers with two options when it comes to discretion. They can choose to have the emails sent from domains that feature their business’s name and their personal details, or they can choose to remain anonymous and only reveal their identity to interested leads.
These two strategies both work well for different types of companies, and we’ll be happy to discuss which one is right for you.

Q: Don’t your mails reach the spam folder?
A: Our emails rarely reach the spam folder and usually land in a person’s inbox due to their massive variation, engaging content and our decentralized approach to email sending.
Additionally, our systems track open-rates and notify us if an account suddenly has a drop in open rates. This allows us to quickly replace it in the rare case that the account gets flagged as spam. Either way, this doesn’t affect our client’s results and gets resolved behind-the-scenes without any problems on the client’s side.

Q: Can you help us at a larger scale?
A: Our system works like a faucet, in the sense that we can increase or decrease the amount of emails sent to roughly any amount you need. While our basic package is 1,000 emails per day, we can go up to 50,000 emails per day or higher if need be.
When it comes to pricing and results, our system is also unique in its ability to efficiently scale. Unlike Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, your results will only improve the more we scale due to the system’s peer-to-peer nature.
We can provide you with all the leads you need at any scale, so you can always rely on us while you scale your business.

Q: Can I provide you with my own list of leads for your system to send emails to?
A: Sure.

Q: What languages do you provide your service in?
A: We can work with just about any language. However, if the emails are in a language other than English, we will either ask you to translate them (we will provide you with the email content), or charge an additional fee to get translations done for you.

Q: Are there any long-term contracts?
A: We bill our clients on a flexible monthly-basis according to usage. We have no hidden fees or obligations and clients can cancel at the end of each monthly cycle at no additional costs. In the rare case of a mid-month cancellation, we require a 7-day advanced notice and deduct a $200 cancellation fee from the refund.