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"The Story Of Our Proprietary System"

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Our Commitment

If we didn't get you meaningful results on the first quarter and the campaign failed to get traction for any reason - we'll extend your campaign at the end of the quarter for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you have any issues with GDPR?

We never have any issues with GDPR. There are 2 reasons why. First is we personalize B2B outreach which is not a commercial way of doing it. We send out 1 email per prospect and they reply to that email multiple times as a way to follow-up and send the prospect different angles. If they reply, the follow-ups stop, and we send about 5 replies across a week and a half. Second, is about our personalized outreach, they rarely contain links, the goal is simply to get a reply. The emails are always targeted at a very specific type of prospect, which makes it the exact opposite of spam.

Are you sending one template for everyone?

No we don't. Our company employed several copywriters and their job is to create email templates based upon our client’s response on the onboarding call. So each of the email templates we create for our clients are unique and everything is optimized: subject lines, email templates, pitches and CTAs, industries, even the actual process-building.

Can you send me some examples of your emails just to make sure that you are doing a better job than I do?

Yes, we send you sample emails. What we do at that time is we scrape your ideal prospects, we can mix and match to find these ideal prospects. We set up multiple email campaigns across different segments, each with its own unique approach and targeting. Then, we launch the campaign, send everything to your dashboard for review and you approve the campaign.

How many emails do you send per month? Are you going to send them emails again and again until they reply?

We send about 40K-100k emails per month. We get 5000-15000 qualified targeted prospects in any given month, Then, we send out 2-5 follow-ups, we warm-it up and at the end of the week, we get to the full power. So when we deal with massive volumes, the ranges differ just like with Facebook or Linkedin ads, but the good thing is we actually guarantee you the results.

Can I create multiple campaigns like in one campaign we have one set of emails and targeting and in another one a whole different set of emails and targeting for the same price?

We set up multiple email campaigns across different segments, each with its own unique approach and targeting without paying an extra amount. Our focus is to create as many campaigns as we can in order to get you the results we promised.

Can you provide us with some other information like a phone number maybe, or just an email address?

Yes, our lead scraping tool finds your ideal B2B prospects and extracts business contact information in a single click. It grabs the name, job title, email address, company, phone, etc.