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Prymatica is looking for a strategic investor who will help us scale our company 10X faster.


What We Do

We build automation systems that give businesses a competitive advantage


Our Approach

We focus on massive growth, maximum leverage, and creative expansion


Our Mission

Our mission is to help systemize every business and organization in the world

About Our Company

We are an remote Israeli-based company that bootstrapped during the Pandemic. We build custom-tailored sales, marketing automations and service solutions focusing on fast delivery, fantastic results and open communication.

The Founders

Nadav Boaz


Nadav is a strategic think with an uncanny ability to create systematic solutions that harmonize peoples and systems. He is the founder of HomeDiet, an Israeli startup connecting dietitians with clients. Nadav draws his management skills from extended experience as an armored corps commander and educator of young entrepreneurs.

Robby Frank

Head of Growth

Robby is an expert promoter with extensive skills in both marketing, sales and business strategy. Throughout the years, Robby lectured and coached thousands of business owners, was in-charge of dozens of campaigns with millions of people reached, and built a sizeable following and audience worldwide.

Why Invest In Prymatica?

Client Success Stories

We grew a multi-million dollar company not having any idea where the next piece of business would come from until we decided to build a dedicated sales outreach program. Multiple vendors failed to deliver results until we met Robby at Prymatica. Since using their service our pipeline has exploded - we've literally never gotten this much consistent interest from qualified leads. Don't hesitate to pull the trigger on Prymatica!

Peter Kozodoy

CSO, GEM Advertising, Inc. 5000 Marketing Agency

We tried Facebook Ads and Google Ads and these search networks get maxed out quickly. Then we came across with Prymactica. They showed us their system and we're immediately blown away. We're getting 5-10 leads every single day. Not only they are generating leads with us, but also consulting with us making sure we can streamline our systems so that we spend more time with our families. Don't hesitate and sign up with these guys.

Carradean Farley

CEO - Periscope Media

It is really awesome working with Robby and the whole team of Prymatica. One, they are super responsive, puts in the time to make sure that we're getting results. Two, the results have been great so far, we got our email campaigns and got about 3-5 leads per day which for me as a small boutique agency owner is really great. I'm really excited to continue scaling my business with them in the future.

Brennan Haelig

Marketing Expert, Scotify Studio

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