We provide the best B2B marketing automation service on the planet.

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We've built a proprietary system that allows us generate 5-15 qualified, targeted B2B leads on a daily basis across any industry, location or size.

Our systems are 100% scalable, meaning that we can generate you any level of result once we have our custom-tailored automation generating you a fantastic result.

We provide the best customer service in the world. Our systems and service allow us to rapidly test out ideas and be able to generate leads from day #1.

Additionally, we take you by the hand and help you generate the entire sales process. We coach and guide you through everything from the followup process to creating a high-quality demo video that converts leads to warm prospects.

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Peter Kozodoy
CSO - GEM Advertising

GEM Advertising is an inc. 5000 strategic communications agency, and one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Carradean Farley
CEO - Periscope Media

Periscope Media is one of the most successful SEO companies in Australia.

Brennan Haelig
Digital Marketing Expert - Scotify Studios

Scotify Studios is a digital agency that guarantees qualified appointments on demand for service businesses using paid traffic and sales funnels.

Karl Finn
CEO - Volcano

Volcano Digital Marketing offers digital marketing solutions to help professional services businesses improve their online reputation, increase their website traffic, and increase sales and revenue through marketing.

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Our process for setting up your custom-tailored automation

We start by identifying the exact industries that you want to target. Together, we build a custom-tailored scraping profile that allows us to find thousands of relevant businesses all around the world.

Together we come up with the best pitches and marketing angles to build a custom-tailored email template we that will help us generate interest from your prospects.

We then work behind-the-scenes to build the system for you, literally taking charge of every single step of the process. Our systems are then ready to launch, and you'll see results from day 1.

Once we get started, we quickly gather data using a combination of machine learning and our expert marketing team. We draw on decades of experience and a massive amount of data to consistently improve, scale and iterate your results across the entire process.

Automation is the future of business.

There was a time when factory workers had to manually pull levers and letters had to be sent by hand. Nowadays, we rely on automations in almost every aspect of our lives. Business owners often miss this point and confuse effort with results.

With Prymatica, you'll be able to automate more than 90% of the daily activities in your business. Whether it's related to sales, delivering your product or service, nurturing leads or marketing — we've got you covered. Set up your 30-minute deep-dive strategy call with us today and learn more about ways to automate your business: